How It Works

From initial bid to final invoice


Connect your team

Create a team and add your employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clients. Easy to use roles make it simple to make sure everyone has the access they need and there is no limit to the number of people you can connect.


Quickly create bids

Templates allow you to create new bids using a library of projects, tasks and materials. For common jobs, this can reduce the time it takes to create a bid from hours to minutes.


Track every detail

Track tasks and materials, capturing dependencies between them to ensure the tasks are completed in the correct order and materials are all available in time. Capture all expenses so that they can be correctly billed to the client without having things fall through the cracks. Store important photos and documents directly with the project.


Schedule work

Whether you choose to manually schedule tasks or let our autoscheduler handle it for you, every project schedule is always kept up to date. Scheduling alerts provide clear details on tasks and materials that need to be reviewed to ensure the project is always moving forward.


Seamlessly coordinate

Provide project access to employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clients to ensure everyone stays on the same page. Built in messaging functionality tracks project communication whether it happens through LevelStory or email. View project details in the office or on the job site.


Record hours and receipts

The LevelStory Mobile App available on both iPhone and Android allows employees to view their current to do list. It also allows them to record the hours that they have worked and upload receipts to ensure every expense is accounted for.


Invoice tasks and materials

Simply select the tasks and materials that should be added to the invoice and LevelStory will automatically generate line items for all hours and purchases that have not yet been invoiced. Reduce losses by ensuring everything is properly billed. Track deposits and payments to make sure invoices are being paid on time.